How our start-up started up

DRNK-app-socialisingHello world! I’m Alex(andra), one of the co-founders of mobile app start-up, DRNK?. I thought since this is our very first blog post, it would make sense to start at the beginning of our journey. Let you know a little bit about how we got here :D

So, rewind to May 2015, some Saturday or the other. I am on the early flight (EasyJet – boo) from London to Madrid. I’m on my way to meet a guy I met earlier in the year. A guy who had recently informed me that he wouldn’t be meeting me at the airport after all, because he had a basketball tournament to compete in. Last-minute one. No big deal, these things happen, don’t they? Fast forward 12 hours, I am wandering the streets of Madrid, and have been for the last seven hours. Stopping very occasionally for the odd glass of wine. Around 7pm I think enough is enough, and I message to find out what’s going on. Here’s what went on (spoiler alert, it’s outrageous):

Me: Hey, how’s it going, are you nearly done at the tournament?
Him: Hey, no I’m still out of town and we made it through one more round. So tired. Are you here tomorrow?
Me: Yeah I’m here tomorrow.
(let me just interject here to point out that since the whole weekend was planned, this was a strange question)
Him: Oh perfect.
Me: Uh, it’s not exactly perfect. I’m here today, I came to Madrid to see you.
Him: Alex. I really appreciate you. But never speak to me again.

WTF right?!! That happened. As did a few tears, a few calls home and a few more wines. Anyway, not one to mope, the next morning I dried my eyes and went out to explore Madrid. I’m a pretty social person. I love meeting new people. I travel alone specifically for that reason – you always come home with new friends. But it’s not always easy. On this occasion it wasn’t easy. Here I was, in this amazing city, surrounded by fun-looking people, all out having socialising and having a good time, and it struck me how crazy it was that there wasn’t a simple, instant way to connect with them. There’s a shortcut to most other things now; dating, shopping, food, film, you name it. But not company. And just to be clear, I’m not talking about romantic company. I’m talking about regular company with like-minded people. And not just people, groups of people, if you like. No preconceptions. No pressure. Just a drink.

And that is how the idea for DRNK? came around. Silver linings, right?

Anyway, after a few more sad solo drinks I zipped off back to London, and set about convincing my good friend and colleague Oli that the world needed DRNK?. He jumped straight on board, and we have been working on our shared vision for it ever since. We can’t wait to share it with you!